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About Gökçeada
Geographical Structure: It is an area of 289,5 in kms. The lenght of North - South is 13 kms. and it has a length of 29.5 kms. East-West. It is far from about 33 miles Canakkale but 14 miles from Kabatepe Sea Port on the peninsula of Gelibolu, 16 miles from a Greek island Limni 14 miles from an island named Samothrace.
Drinkable Water: Gokceada is the 4th island of the world from the point of plenty of fresh water sources in the world.
Population : Island has 9 villages and a township centre. These are Kalekoy, Eski Bademli, Yeni Bademli, Zeytinlikoy, Tepekoy, Derekoy, Ugurlu, Eselek, and Sirinkoy. The Population of the centre is 7100 the number of inhabitans of the villages is 1500 But during the time of winter it is about 10.000.

Economy : Island's economy is based is on agriculture, cattle - dealing tourism and fishery. Island which has the only pot antialof wild sheep in Turkey has 1500 hectares ofplantable area, 1900 hectares of vineyards, 4000 hectares of pasture and 8000 hectares of forested area. The olives harvested from olive trees which cover a large area are exported to process. Raising olives has an important place in Island's economic life .
Sea products like horse mackerel, bream, bass, carp, gilt-head bream, chup mackerel, red mullet and red sea bream are the fisherman family's living. Non- consumed fish are exported to the other countries. The thyme honey which is a recovery for some illnesses are produced besides the production of honey of flower and pine. Agriculture is very prevalence in the island. Operating pension has an important role in island economy.

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