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Gokceada with its boundless, sandy beaches, clean sea is a wonderful beauty in which the past and present live together. There are churches, mosques, monasteries, old Greek houses and modem examples of architecture where the different cultures come together in our island. It is possible to have a pleasure of blue sea on Aydincik, Yuvali, Yildizkoy, Ugurlu and Gizlikoy natural beaches and also have a picnic in Tepekoy Cinaralti and Marmaros TIGEM picnic area. It has been reported by the scientists that the density of sulfur in Salt lake around Aydincik during the summer season helps for those who have rheumatic, calcinosis and psoriasis illnesses. Because of island's windy weather, island is suitable for tracking sport. Accordingto the legend the name of Imbros comes from ancient Greek and means "Windy Island" Because of this it is also a suitable place for windsurfers. It is possible to hunt different kinds of wild animals like partridges, wild rabbits, woodcocks and finches. It is worth tasting thewines produced in the island. The archeological excavations headed by Halime Huryilmaz associate professor of Hacettepe University are still going on. According to the results of these excavations of five years, the first signs of the living were 5000 years ago. On the other hand the coast between Kalekoy and Kuzulimam has been accepted as "National Underwater Park" by TUDAV.


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