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Yildiz Koy ( Star Cove ) :This is one of the most beatiful and unforgettable coves of the island.It attracts attention due to its interesting rock formations. It is possible to get here on foot from Upper Kaleköy as well as by driving through the village of Yenibadem li by car. The area between Yildizkoy and Yelkenkaya has been allocated to the Turkia Research Foundation (TUDAV) to reundertake research on the regions underwater beauty. It has also been declared an Underwater National Park.This is Turkia's first and only such park.
Yenibademli Höyük (Tumulus): The Yenibademli Höyük ( tumulus or burial mound ) is the site of the first systematic archaeological excavation conducted on Gökçeada. The site in the direction of Kaleköy and three kilometers from the Gökçeada town centre , lying on the left side of the road. The Yenibademli Tumulus is of medium size , covering an area of 120 meters in an east-west direction and 130 meters north to south. The mound rises nine meters above ground level  area and 18 meters above the sea level. Excavation s began in 1996 with the permission of the Monument and Museum Directorate of the turkia Culture Ministry and were conducted by an archaeological team headed by Associate Professor Halime HÜRYILMAZ from Hacettepe University's archaeology Department.
Laz koyu ( Laz Cove ) : Gökçeada , with its natural geological structure, has many small and larger coves. One of these is the Laz Koyu, which lies within the district of Sahinkaya. You can visit the cove if you go in the direction of Kapikaya from sirinköy. After you pass by the tJustice Ministry Facilities in the Yuvali region , you follow the signs for Laz Koyu and travel some 600-700 meters along a dirt road before stopping. Vehicles can not reach as far as the beach area. With its natural beauty the beach of Laz Cove is a place  where you can relax and enjoy yourself.
Kaya Mezarı ( Rock Tombs ) : In the Kokina region, approximately 18 kilometers  from the town of Gökçeada on the right of the road linking Aydincik to Ugurlu, there is a carved rock tomb. though the exact date of the two person tomb carved into the stone is not known it is believed to be from Roman area. the tomb is about 100 meters to the right  of road. You can park your car nearby and walk to the tomb.
Kaşkaval Burnu ( Peynir Kayalıkları - Cheese rocks ) : The rocks are right to the left of Kuzulimani. There is an interesting formation of rocks that look as if they are blocks of moulded cheese.ıt is not possible to see this sight from land, the rocks only being visible from a boat on the sea.It is one of the visually beatiful natural formation on the island and one that will stay in your memory. These interesting rock formations have a legend attached to them. the legend tells of a stubborn rich old woman who had numerous goats and sheep. This old woman , in order to get to heaven, made many cheeses in a round shaped mould and piled them one a top to other. However she never shared any of these cheese with anyone else. God got angry with her and punished her for  her selfishness .One March, he sent rain,snow and strong winds over the old woman . Both the woman and her cheese froze, with the cheese turning into the rocks we see today. Later, people named this geological formation the Cheese Rocks.
Tuz Gölü ( Salt Lake ) : The lake is right next to Aydincik Beach. In the summertime , as the waters evaporate, a black  coloured mud forms in the Salt Lake. Thus mud, with its mix of chemicals, is good to combat the effects of rheumatism,psoriasis and calcification. In addition  to this , it also helps meets needs of people, birds and other animals for salt. The lake serves as as feeding ground for many species of wildlife. At different times , migrating birds such as pelican, flamingo, wild duck and geese all stop here. The best way to get rid of the mud after you have bathed in the lake is to jump into the nearby sea.
Aydincik sahili ( Beach ) : Aydincik beach is 13 kilometers from the town center. It is the most popular beach on the island in summer. It is also interesting due to its proximity to the Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake). The length of beach is approximately two kilometers and is a good spot to go camping and setup tents as it has a designated camping area . It is also a good place to go for those interested in wind surfing.
Kuzulimani ( Lamb Port ) : The Kuzulimani is the place where boats linking Gokceada to the mainland pull in. Thus it is the first place of meeting on the island and of welcoming guests. Apart from this, it also popular for its beach area. You can get cooling drinks from the tea garden near the beach when you are overwhelmed by the heat. In summer  sporting activities  such as beach volleyball are frequently held here.
Marmaros Selalesi ( Waterfall ):In order to get to the Marmaros waterfall you have to take turn to the right at the Ugurlu exit from the village of Derekoy. After you travel seven kilometers on the asphalt road you have to leave you car as it is not possible to drive all the way to the waterfall. The waterfall , which is to the right side of the road , can be reached by apath on foot The Waterfall flows strongly in winter but in  the summer months the level of water falls greatly. For those who want to have a tet-atete with nature or like trekking,the Marmaros waterfall is an unmissable opportunity.
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